In addition to these current offerings, VSA members are working to offer new ways of learning, engaging in discussion, and developing forums for various focused topics. If you are interested in learning more or helping realize any of the potential offerings below, let us know!

Focused Interest Groups (FIGs) - Initiated in December 2014, the VSA Board voted to adopt Focused Interest Groups (FIG) as part of the organizational structure. VSA FIGs are open to all current members, providing forums for sharing and cultivating common VSA member interests. FIGs are sub-groups of VSA, and their activities and activity level are dependent upon the members of each FIG. Current FIGs include:

  • Bridging Communities - This FIG aims to support VSA’s initiative of building capacity to support diversity in the field by focusing on diversity and inclusion in visitor studies, and cultural competence in evaluation and audience research. Bridging Communities will provide a forum for discussion about resources and practices, a community for collegial support, and a collective voice in the organization and field for members of diverse communities and those seeking to develop their cultural competencies and capacity in culturally-responsive evaluation methods. Email Jill Stein or Evelyn Ronning if you want to get involved.
  • Data Visualization and Reporting - Focused on effective communication of results, members share unique ideas, feedback, and issues in visualizing data to support its use. Co-chairs Lauren Holley and Celeste Moreno manage the group's online Slack community. Email Lauren Holley if you would like to get involved.
  • Zoo and AquariumTo bring together a community of professionals who are interested in, and who contribute to, social science/audience research and evaluation in zoos, aquariums, nature centers, or other organizations who focus on living collections. ZAFIG manages a public Facebook Group to provide a space for professionals at all levels to share questions and engage in lively discussion. ZAFIG also hosts a Google site for VSA members to access as a hub for sharing example research or evaluation instruments, reports, and other relevant resources. To access the Google site, VSA members may complete the ZAFIG mailing list form here. If you would like to learn more about ZAFIG and how you can get involved, email Nick Visscher.
  • Art Museum - This FIG is dedicated to providing a forum for communication, learning, mutual support, and professional development for evaluators, researchers, educators, and others working with or in art museums and arts-based cultural institutions. Email Hannah Ridenour LaFrance or Laura Brown to join.

We hope that you find utility in much that VSA offers, but we also want to know if you don't. Please reach out to tell us how we can better meet your needs, provide you with timely and appropriate professional development and support, and more!